books, books, and suggestions?

 Number nine on my A-list is to read 25 books this year. Seeing as I just passed my half birthday and I'm only at 10, I've got quite a few to go. But... I need your help! I would love to know what y'all are reading/have read that either a) you thoroughly enjoyed b) taught you something about yourself or c) made an impact on your spiritual life

So far, I've read:

1. Sacred Marriage

2. Above the Line: Take One

3-8. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua

9. Beguiled

10. The Help

Currently reading/hope to read:

10. When Sinners Say I Do

11. Her Daughter's Dream

12. From Black Heels to Tractor Wheels - the Pioneer Woman's Love Story

13. The Silence of Adam

14. Jesus, Storybook Bible

15. What Color is Your Parachute?

What's on your bookshelf?

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  1. Right up my alley! Let me know if you want any other suggestions....I have 47 books on my "to read" list, these are just books I've read in the last year!
    1. Chasing Francis. This might be my favorite book of the year, no kidding. I read it, gave it to my mom who gave it to my sister and now it's back to me and I'm reading it again. It's amazing.
    2. Chocolat. If you like France and chocolate, it's worth a read. It is absolutely enchanting. A bit rough around the edges, but still really really good.
    3. Golden Country. This one could tie with Chasing Francis as the best book of the year. It follows Jewish immigrants to San Francisco over three generations.
    4. Priceless. Did you know that the FBI has agents whose sole job is to track down stolen art?? I had no idea until I read this book! This book is a memoir of the guy who founded the department and covers some of his best busts/recoveries of stolen art. It's fabulous.
    5. The Forgotten Garden. This is the story of a grand daughter trying to unravel the mystery of her grand mothers life. It takes the grand daughter from her home of Australia to the UK and back. It's wonderfully enchanting.
    6. No Angel. I read this book a few years ago and I still love it. This book looks at the life of an extended family in London and their book publishing company. This book is actually a three part series and all of them are captivating.
    7. I Was Told There'd Be Cake. Hilarious is the only word I can use to describe it. You can get that from the title, it's just delightful. I woke Nathan up reading late at night because I was laughing so hard.
    8. The Challenge of the Disciplined Life. Nathan and I are reading it together right now. It's challenging and so good.
    9. Counterfeit Gods. I am about to start this book, Nathan read it last year and still talks about it.