the A list August update

I'm half-way through my 25th year and not-quite half-way through the list, but I thought I'd give a mid-year update.

1. Go camping at least twice - CHECK! The second adventure, I took ZERO pictures because it was in the high-90s, BUT our sweet new friends, Amanda and Wes joined us!
2. Make "year in the life" photo book
3. Sell 1 thing that I have created/designed/refinished
4. Go skydiving - ughh, I really wrote that?! gulp!
5. Walk Eisley (our precious 2 yr old Vizsla) 3x a month - CHECK! This is good for both of us
6. Pick up photography again - this isn't one that can necessarily ever be fully "done", but it's safe to say, this is a CHECK
7. Blog more frequently...with pictures - CHECK (I used to blog once every 3 months, 2x a month is progress!)
8. Go on a picnic at least 4 times - half-way there! we've been twice, but we'll have to wait til "winter" to attempt the next two...right now we're in the middle of longest heat streak - picnic? no thanks
9. Read/finish 25 books - I feel a little behind here, I'm on book 11
10. Do something creative/artsy once a week - CHECK! and I have loved it!
11. Organize my closet and maintain it - CHECK! This one finally happened mid-July. I read somewhere to keep only what you actually wear and can wear. It really helped me get rid of "those" jeans and donate those other items that I haven't worn in years (why is it so hard to get rid of clothes?). My closet works for me now. I still have Container Store dreams, but at least I'm much more efficient now.
12. Throw a party and deck it out
13. Go on a vacation with Neal - CHECK and CHECK : once to Angel Fire and once with mom's family for the famous and annual Rogers Family Vacation (this year to Ilwaco, WA) and CHECK! he took me to Rockwall's Hilton resort last weekend to celebrate our first anniversary :)
14. Refinish at least one piece of furniture
15. Create a name for my "shop" - CHECK "the painted door" (story on this later)
16. Start Anthony family blog - CHECK
17. Lose 10 lbs.- started taking this seriously at the beginning of this month...so far, so good - I am learning a LOT about portion control, healthy options and most importantly self-control
18. Send out Christmas cards
19. Actively journal in marriage book - I am actively collecting things to put in said book, I'll post soon.
20. Help Mom with a project - Mom and I have plans for a t-shirt quilt. I also want to help her move all of our family photos that are unloved and unseen in a huge rubbermaid in the basement into coffee table albums
21. Invest in my sister-in-laws
22. Go to Groom Day - This will have to be postponed til next year (and it's already on the calendar) as the entire Anthony clan was in Tyler this year picking Natalie up from her last summer at Pine Cove
23. Teach someone something
24. Adopt a Compassion child - CHECK his name is Jonas and he will be 5 next month!
25. Surprise someone 
 I have to say that this list has really made a difference in the past 6 months. It has been so fun to come up with an "agenda" for my year. It motivates me to make time to do the things I really enjoy and challenges me to do the things I know I should.

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