A dash of spontaneity

Yesterday was, if not perfect, almost...

We enjoyed the first taste of summer weather by having a picnic at White Rock Lake with our pup Eisley...

After ants found our blanket, we decided it was time to leave.
Instead of walking around the lake (it felt a little too like summer), we decided to drive around it with the windows down and a good Pandora station playing. Ahhh...

Well one turn led to another and we ended up on I-30. About this time, I turned to Neal and said, you know what sounds amazing right now? Common Grounds. (For those who don't know, CG is one of my absolute favorite places on earth...it's a coffee house in Waco) He smiled and instead of heading north to go home, turned our car toward Waco.

I love being spontaneous.

Not only was the weather perfect, I got a sweet little cat nap in the sunny car on the way there, AND when we got there, CG's flavor of the day was my favorite (Vanilla Nut Cream)! Oh, Cowboy Coffee, how I've missed you. You better believe I ordered a large...and bought another pound to bring back with me.

Then Neal and I took Eisley on a little tour de campus via the Bear Trail. Afterall, this was her first hometown. And what's even sweeter is that along the way, I got to hug one of my Baby Ruths, Christina!

I am very thankful for days like yesterday. I am more thankful for the husband I have for facilitating it.
I am even more thankful for the God who created it all.



It has officially been almost a month since Neal and I had our first fun family camping adventure, but I knew that if I didn't post the pictures now (since I just uploaded them) they weren't gonna make it. And because CAMPING is on the A-list (actually #1), I certainly have to post!

Because of burn bans across Texas, we headed east to Cooper Lake State Park north of Sulphur Springs. You can't go camping without the camp FIRE, it's just not right. We made it just as the sun was setting and had to set up camp by head-light and construction-grade light thanks to our friendly new RV friends.
Eisley loved being in the great outdoors - as long as she could see us. We had a tether for her during the day and her own little pop-up mesh carrier in the tent with us at night.

Yummy yummy breakfast tacos!! I'm pretty proud of our outdoor kitchen skills.
Okay, and I had to have some fruit snacks to go along with it...

My handsome hubby in our awesome tent - thanks Mom and Dad!

We decided that in true camping fashion (?) that these would be our lunch before a nice hike

The End.