all the cuteness

This is Eisley.

7 weeks old...in a cat carrier
2 months old...into everything
I loved when she was still small enough to hold

Except that she had easy access to lick my face (which she did right as we took this picture)

my favorite - always eager to play

Cute, right?

Think again...

Yes, that is our home. Yes that is a mysterious liquid trail spanning the entire width of our apartment. and Yes, that liquid is Eisley's pee. 


So in honor of Ms. Eisley's 3rd birthday (which happened 2 weeks ago) and to remind myself that she was worth the 20 minutes it took to clean it all up, here she is...in all her "cuteness" 

**for the record, watching her do this was at the time maddening, but retrospectively hilarious

my best guess is that something scared her, then it scared her that she was having an accident, then she just couldn't stop (TMI?) - but her facial expression was priceless as I'm sure was mine

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