good grief

I like words. I like studying words. I like learning new words. I like articulating my feelings with words. I like that words can free what's inside a person.

And sometimes I do not like what comes out. Sometimes I'm surprised by what's there and sometimes I'm mad that it is. Sometimes I wish words would leave me alone. So I'll use them against themselves.


Sorrow. Misery. Sadness. Anguish. Pain. Distress. Heartache. Heartbreak. Agony. Torment. Affliction. Suffering. Woe. Desolation. Dejection. Despair. Mourning. Mournfulness. Bereavement. Lamentation. 


Enjoyable. Pleasant. Agreeable. Pleasurable. Delightful. Great. Nice. Lovely. Amusing. Diverting. Jolly. Merry. Lively.  Super. Fantastic. Fabulous. Terrific. Grand. Brilliant. Peachy.

Not my words - Webster's.

Our church has for some time now referred to the idea of Door A and Door B as we study through the Scriptures.

The whole idea of "Door A" is that since I'm a believer, things will go according to "plan". That because I love Jesus, it will all work out - and in my favor - and possibly even the way I planned it to. Since I'm sold out to Christ, surely no harm, no foul, no pain and all gain will be in store for me. And if pain does come my way, I'm doing something wrong, I should not acknowledge its presence, and I should just keep pulling those bootstraps up. Do you relate to even a sliver of this?

The whole idea of "Door B" is that joy is often times mixed with pain. That grief can be good. That good can be brought out of grief. That life happens in ways we can't possibly fathom, but that God still reigns sovereign.

So, what happens when life presents itself less favorable than desired? What happens when that's the case more often than not? What is our response? What words flow from within? Words of Grief or words of Good?

I choose to believe that words of Good Grief are more than okay.

And quite frankly, I'm not even sure I know fully what that means yet.
But I do know that there is Hope. I know that there is Truth. And I know that there is Love.
I also have a personal relationship with the God who defines those things.

Grief is temporary. Good is not.

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